Calling all women and non-binary identifying community members! Join POST and Grassroots Ecology for an affinity group volunteer workday.

Our facilitators have years of experience building welcoming and inclusive spaces for community members. This space will be held for cisgender women, transgender women, and nonbinary people to gather and develop a sense of belonging in the outdoors.

Volunteers should expect to work outdoors in all weather conditions, rain or shine, as they assist in removing ivy and cotoneaster, an invasive woody plant, and learn about habitat restoration and the unique landscape of Stulsaft Park. We will end our time together with a walk that showcases plants growing in the park!

Accessibility considerations include hiking on uneven and steep terrain, being outside for the entire length of the event, kneeling to saw or clip branches and vines with a hand tool, and squatting and standing to pull invasive plants. Volunteers will be supplied with gloves, kneelers, and all tools, including cutting tools.

Visit Grassroots Ecology’s Stulsaft Park page to learn more about the ecosystem and accessibility considerations.

Affinity Groups at POST: At POST, we wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves to feel at home in the outdoors. That’s why we ‘re devoted to offering an array of events that meet the Peninsula and South Bay’s unique demographics and needs. While most of our events are open to all, we also curate activities for specific identity and affinity groups. These activities aim to create safe, inclusive spaces for communities who may have faced barriers to accessing nature in the past. So far we’ve hosted LGBTQ birding groups, volunteer workdays for women and nonbinary folks and AAPI mindfulness walks. Whether it’s via a webinar, hike or volunteer event, we hope you’ll join us in building a welcoming local culture of nature and conservation.

Grassroots Ecology is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for public lands and waters across Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Each year they engage thousands of people in hands-on education and service that improves our local environment.

Grassroots Ecology’s aim is to restore natural functions to the ecosystem by keeping invasive plants in check, growing locally native plants at their nursery, supporting stream restoration and fish passage projects, and planting a diversity of species in order to feed wildlife. Learn more at:

Please also note that this activity is best for children ages 14+. All minors must be accompanied by adults for the entirety of the event. Thank you!

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