Picturesque barns dot the San Mateo coast, each one unique in both use and structure but all equally essential to thriving farm operations. One barn that is particularly near and dear to POST is the Root Down Barn, part of the 6,857-acre Cloverdale Coastal Ranches protected by POST in 1997. The barn and 62 surrounding acres have since been leased to small farmers like Dede Boies, who started Root Down Farm on the site in 2013.

But time has taken its toll on this beloved barn, and it has become almost completely unusable. That’s why POST is rebuilding it. We invite you to follow along as we embark on this exciting project through a series of short videos. Click here to view the first chapter in bringing this barn back to life.

rebuilding Root Down Barn

We recognize that farms need barns, and working ones at that. They are central to the operation and the backbone of the business. They provide the space needed for a productive and sustainable enterprise. Which is why as part of the Farmland Futures Initiative, we are investing in infrastructure projects on POST-protected properties that will allow farming on the coast to thrive.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, and for those who did, here our some of our favorite pictures from Taste of the Coast with POST last Saturday. The event celebrated the launch of our‪ Farmland Futures Initiative, a $25 million campaign to triple the number of protected farmland acreage and farms on the San Mateo coast.

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