Have you heard the term “watershed” before? Or know the term but can’t visually grasp what one is? Water is the lifeblood of the Peninsula, and as stewards of the land it’s an important landscape feature for us understand. Let’s take a deeper look.

In our latest video, Dr. Nicole Heller, POST’s Director of Conservation Science, explains our local watersheds, why they’re important and some of the best places to get out and explore them for yourself. Oh, and she does all that in 90 seconds:

In a single day on the Peninsula you can hike steep ridgelines carved by winter rains, stroll through towering redwood forests nourished by wandering creeks and watch the sunset on the beach at the mouth of a stream.

Water defines this landscape, shapes the land and sustains all things. It is directly linked to the health of the land that surrounds its sources. We’re committed to protecting these places, restoring what needs repair and helping ensure clean water for our region’s future.

Read more about our work protecting our local watersheds in our latest issue of Landscapes.


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