The new year brings a new POST protection accomplishment to share with you! In late 2015, POST protected 300-acre Potrero Nuevo Farm, just south of Half Moon Bay, with an affirmative agricultural easement. The easement protects the farm from development and ensures a portion of the property will remain in agricultural production, permanently. Protecting places like Potrero Nuevo safeguards a local food source for future generations and preserves the historical legacy of this scenic farm along Tunitas Creek Road.

Rich soils, rolling hills, organic produce, wildlife habitat, two wonderful owners and a popular bike hut…there are so many reasons to love Potrero Nuevo Farm, we have listed our top ten in this digital book:

We are also thrilled that the land will be left to POST in the owners’ estate plan. Together with the owners, POST shares a vision for Potrero Nuevo Farm and looks forward to maintaining that vision well into the future for the benefit of the local community.

Protecting farmland has always been a part of our mission. We envision a landscape where agriculture works in harmony with nature and where both people and wildlife thrive. It’s hard work but, together with you, we are making it happen.

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