Land Bird Songs

Water Bird Songs

The Bay Area is home to a wide array of bird species – thanks, in part, to our abundance of open spaces. These birds herald the seasons, pollinate our crops and bring balance to the land.

To help you get to know 14 of the most iconic of these birds species, we created a Natural Guide to Bay Area Birds. Download it today, save it to your phone or print it from home and take it with you on your next hike.

And to accompany that guide, we’ve compiled the songs of each of these birds. Listen to these songs above and improve your knowledge of some of the Bay Area’s most distinguished feather friends.

American Coot – Wilbur Hershberger/Cornell La
American Kestrel – Thomas Sander/Cornell Lab
Anna’s Hummingbird – Curtis Marantz/Cornell Lab
Belted Kingfisher- Martin Michener/Cornell Lab
Black-crowned Night-Heron – Bruce Rideout/Cornell Lab
Black Oystercatcher – Gerrit Vyn/Cornell Lab
California Thrasher – Ben Clock/Cornell Lab
Double-crested Cormorant – Nuria Meza Cuellar/Cornell Lab
Great Blue Heron – Range Bayer/Cornell Lab
Northern Harrier – Michael Anderson/Cornell Lab
Northern Flicker – Randolph Little/Cornell Lab
Ridgway’s Rail – Bruce Rideout/Cornell Lab
Western Meadowlark – Wilbur Hershberger/Cornell Lab
White-brested Nuthatch – Wilbur Hershberger/Cornell Lab


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