Our Commitment to Agricultural Conservation

Farmland Program - POSTSustainable, environmentally responsible farms are good for the land and benefits local communities. They provide healthy food options, create jobs and support the local economy.

Unfortunately, 46% of San Mateo County’s farms have disappeared since 1990! Coastal farms and ranches are sought after by wealthy buyers for private estates. This has inflated land prices, making it harder for farmers to get started in the Bay Area.

This is why agricultural lands have been a priority for POST, representing a third of the land we’ve protected. We work with farm owners and operators to conserve farmland and natural resources, protecting our agricultural heritage and sustaining future generations.

Farmland Futures Initiative

At POST, we are working to reverse the trend of disappearing farmland through a combination of land acquisition, legal land protection and strategic investments in infrastructure.

Learn more about the work we’re doing to preserve farmland on the San Mateo coast and discover how you can help.


Making an Impact

The agricultural heritage of the San Mateo Coast is central to POST’s work. Read about some of the projects that have helped secure the future of farming.


Cloverdale Ranch Barn

The Benefits of Cloverdale Ranch

Caring for farmland, habitat and watersheds.
Learn More

Johnston Ranch House

Johnston Ranch: An Iconic Landscape Protected

Rich soil, open grasslands and stunning views.
Learn More

Blue House Farm

Blue House Farm — A Makeover

Transforming an operation, securing its future.
Learn More

POST is committed to preserving the agricultural heritage of the San Mateo Coast. Click the image to see where we’ve made an impact.

Learn More About Our Other Focus Areas

POST is committed to protecting local farmland and improving agricultural infrastructure.

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