Creating a Network of Connected Lands

Wildlife are a critical part of healthy and resilient ecosystems. Habitat loss and fragmentation are a major threat to diversity and long­term survival for the natural communities we know and love.

Many aspects of human development can have negative impacts on wildlife, including roads and rail networks that can act as barriers in the landscape. Without specific interventions, these developments can disrupt wildlife behavior and in turn threaten biodiversity in the long­term.

Informed by scientific studies that identify critical wildlife linkages and corridors, we work with public and private partners to connect protected lands and improve the permeability of the landscape, helping wildlife to live freely.

Areas of Impact

Linkages are critical for the long-term health of our ecosystems. Discover some of POST’s efforts to support the resilience of our local species.

Barret Canyon Wildlife

Barrett Canyon

Connecting 31,000 acres of habitat.
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The Bobcats of Coyote Valley

Navigating the landscape through a two-year radio-collar study.
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Why We Need Wildlife Crossings

Building safe passages for Bay Area wildlife.
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Learn More About Our Other Program Areas

POST is working on connecting our protected lands, securing linkages that allow wildlife to thrive and adapt.

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