Meet Our Team

Our passion for a healthy environment and love of the outdoors drive us to continue pushing forward in an effort to preserve our beautiful surroundings for future generations to enjoy.

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Post Staff

Staff photo for Diane Cordova
Diane Cordova Chief Talent Officer
Staff photo for Gordon Clark.
Gordon Clark Vice President of Development
Mark Stevens Chief Financial Officer
Marti Tedesco Chief Marketing Officer
Staff photo for Walter Moore.
Walter Moore President
Staff photo for Noelle Chambers.
Noelle Chambers Vice President of Conservation
Staff portrait for Anne Holmes.
Anne Holmes Director of Donor Engagement
Staff portrait for Benjamin Wright.
Benjamin Wright Director of Land Transactions
Staff portrait for Daniel Olstein.
Daniel Olstein Director of Land Stewardship
Staff portrait for Irina Kogan.
Irina Kogan Director of Landscape Conservation
Jeanine Crider Director of Planned Giving
Staff portrait for Joanna Devers.
Joanna Devers Director of Institutional Engagement
Staff portrait for Justin Elliot.
Justin Eliot Director of Finance
Staff portrait for Katherine Ellseworth
Kathryn Ellsworth Director of Annual Giving
Staff portrait for Liz Torczyner.
Liz Torczyner Director of Marketing
Staff portrait for Kelly Young.
Kelly Young Director of Human Resources
Staff portrait for Mark Medeiros.
Mark Medeiros Director of Community Engagement
Staff portrait for Olivia White Lopez.
Olivia White Lopez Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion
Staff portrait for Justin Garland.
Desert Waters Program Manager Redwoods
Staff portrait for Peter Cowan.
Peter Cowan, PhD Director of Conservation Science
Alexa DeSanctis Community Engagement Associate
Diego Villalobos Land Team Administrative Assistant
Alexandra Mendoza Conservation Planning Fellow
Dylan Sondermann Conservation Easement Manager
Staff portrait for Alicia Martinez.
Alicia Sierra Martinez Development Assistant
Staff portrait for EkOngKar Kalsa.
EkOngKar Singh Khalsa Senior Land Transactions Manager
Staff portrait for Amy Jensen.
Amy Jensen Donor Engagement Manager
Staff portrait for Ashly Loibman.
Ashly Loibman Land Associate
Staff portrait for Eric Normington.
Eric Normington Senior Operations Manager
Bryanna Whitney Public Access Project Manager
Staff portrait for Ezekiel Schlais.
Ezekiel Schlais Transactions Project Manager
Hannah Eugster Content Marketing Specialist
Jennifer Miano Planned Giving Coordinator
Staff portrait for Jeff Beaudoin.
Jeff Beaudoin Accountant
Staff portrait for Laura O'Leary.
Laura O’Leary Farmland Senior Project Manager
Staff portrait for Lauren Korth.
Lauren Korth Institutional Engagement Officer
Staff portrait for Leah Burling.
Leah Burling Accounting Manager
Staff portrait for Leslie Patron.
Leslie Patron Content Marketing Manager
Staff portrait for Lindsay Dillon.
Lindsay Dillon Senior Conservation GIS Manager
Staff portrait for Lindsay Peterson.
Lindsay Peterson Transactions Project Manager
Maria Trogolo Stewardship Project Manager
Staff portrait for Marian Vernon.
Marian Vernon Program Manager Wildlife Linkages
Staff portrait for Marisa Martin.
Marisa Martin Donor Relations Manager
Megan Derhammer Senior Philanthropy Officer
Staff portrait for Megan Nguyen.
Megan Nguyen Community Events Manager
Staff portrait for Michael Williams.
Michael Williams Finance Associate
Miguel Sedano Senior Manager Digital Marketing
Staff portrait for Paco Melo.
Paco Melo Senior Manager, Web Design & Development
Patrick Marshall - POST
Patrick Marshall General Counsel
Staff portrait for Payton Hammer.
Payton Hammer Land Transactions Associate
Staff portrait for Rebecca Steinberg.
Rebecca McKay Steinberg Land Transactions Project Manager
Staff portrait for Ryan Bautista.
Ryan Bautista Human Resources Analyst
Staff portrait for Spencer Gump.
Spencer Gump Advancement Operations Manager
Staff portrait for Susan Petrie.
Susan Petrie Stewardship Project Manager
Staff portrait for Suzie Sharon
Suzie Sharron Executive Assistant
Staff portrait for Taylor Jang.
Taylor Jang Coyote Valley Project Manager
Staff portrait for Tonya Treble.
Tonya Treble Senior Philanthropy Officer
Staff portrait for Torie Robinson.
Torie Robinson Senior GIS Analyst
Vickie Rozell Donor Communications Associate
Staff portrait for Rachael Faye.
Zionne Fox Program Manager Public Access

Board of Directors

Suzanne Sullivan
Rajesh Mashruwala
Vice Chair
Andrew Bosworth
Kalle Dahl
Dennis DeBroeck
Sean Dempsey
Rod Ferguson
Wende Hutton
Jennifer Lynch
Alisa MacAvoy
Matt Miller
Paul Simpson
Nanhi Singh
Katherine Tsai
Sanjay Vaswani
Emerick Woods
Ken Yeager
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