A Resilient Landscape with Region-Wide Benefits

Coyote Valley is one of the last remaining large, undeveloped valley floors in our region. It connects 1.13 million acres of core wildlife habitat across the Santa Cruz and Diablo ranges. Its conservation is a matter of considerable urgency.

Our work in Coyote Valley will:

  • ensure safe passageways for wildlife between the two mountain ranges,
  • protect the region’s biodiversity,
  • buffer neighboring communities against flood risk,
  • preserve aquifer recharge for Santa Clara County’s drinking water, and
  • promote environmentally-friendly agriculture and recreation.

We are collaborating with public and private partners such as the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority. Together, we’re working to restore the uniquely critical Coyote Valley landscape.

Coyote Valley Needs Everyone’s Support

In the last 50 years, over $3.5 billion has been invested to conserve almost 500,000 acres of extraordinary land in this region, yet the fate of Coyote Valley has been uncertain for decades.

Now, momentum is building. Join hands with POST to create a beautiful, functional and healthy 21st-century greenbelt that will define the South Bay for generations to come.

POST’s work depends on donations — please consider a gift today. If you’d like your contribution to specifically support efforts in Coyote Valley, contact Anne Holmes at (650) 352-6297 or [email protected].


What You Need to Know About Coyote Valley

Along with our partners in the conservation community and the City of San Jose, POST is working to create a sustainable and resilient landscape linkage in Coyote Valley.

A Brighter, Greener Future Together

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Why This Landscape Is so Important

Learn why Coyote Valley is critical to our region.
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Aerial view of Coyote Valley - POST

930 Acres Protected in Coyote Valley

An impossible dream come true.
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Coyote Valley Program Map
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