Hiking in the Heat: Tips For Staying Cool and Comfortable
June 10, 2024

Hiking when it's hot can be dangerous. Read here for tips on how to stay safe and have fun.

Posted on By Leslie Patron
Mindfulness Activities to Try Out in Nature
April 30, 2024

What better place to practice mindfulness, a key component of mental wellness, than here in our region's rich landscapes?

Posted on By Megan Nguyen
Why Humans Need Nature (According to Science!)
April 30, 2023

Studies have shown that being in nature, or even just looking at photos or video of nature, reduces the effects of stress in our bodies—how cool is that?

Posted on By Vickie Rozell
What’s A Forest Bath (And Why You Need One)
March 12, 2023

Learn how short, slow, contemplative walks through the forest can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing!

Posted on By Desert Waters
Paved Trails for Rainy Day Walks in the Bay Area
January 30, 2023

Looking for paved trail options to go on a rainy day walk? We've got you covered.

Posted on By Leslie Patron
Five Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably
January 1, 2023

Living sustainably is a lot easier than you think! We've put together 5 ways you can start right at home.

Posted on By Hannah Eugster
Tick Bite Prevention – How To Not Be Eaten Alive by Ticks
February 23, 2022

With these easy steps, you can protect yourself against tick bites while visiting our open spaces. Read more!

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
The 5 Best Hikes in San Francisco
April 30, 2021

Escape the hustle and bustle with these five great hiking options within city limits.

Posted on By Nik Rau
Good View: 7 Hikes with Awe-Inspiring Views
April 29, 2021

A good view is just what the doctor ordered.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
Potrero Nuevo Farm: Feeding Families, Transforming Lives
March 29, 2021

This Half Moon Bay farm is transforming lives through meaningful work. Get the full story.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas

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