Where to Go Hiking in San Jose’s Coyote Valley
October 20, 2023

If you're looking for a hike near San Jose, you've come to the right place. Here are three favorites nearby in Coyote Valley.

Posted on By Taylor Jang
3 Incredible Bay Area Camping Destinations
August 3, 2022

Looking to transition from Bay Area hiker to Bay Area camper? Check out these campgrounds that adjoin areas that POST has had a role in protecting.

Posted on By Jerome Ilagan
5 of the Best Hikes and Walks in San José
May 3, 2022

With so many amazing parks and preserves in the city, it can be hard to know where to start! Fortunately, this lifelong resident of the South Bay is willing to share his five favorite hikes and walks in San José.

Posted on By Mark Medeiros
A Yes Vote for Measure T Supports Open Space
October 1, 2020

South Bay residents have the chance to secure permanent funding for open space. Learn more.

Posted on By Lauren Korth
Coyote Valley: The Impossible Dream (Come True)
November 6, 2019

After decades of debate over land use, we've protected 937 acres at the northern end of Coyote Valley.

Posted on By Walter Moore
A Look at Coyote Valley’s History (And How We’re Shaping Its Future)
November 6, 2019

Hear the story of Coyote Valley and our vision for its future.

Posted on By Noelle Chambers
Why Saving Coyote Valley is So Important
July 23, 2019

The protection of Coyote Valley, just south of San Jose, is a top priority for our organization. Here's why.

Posted on By Noelle Chambers
San Jose’s Measure T Passes – Historic Moment for Coyote Valley
November 8, 2018

On November 6, San Jose residents voted in favor Measure T by over 70%. Find out what this means for the future of Coyote Valley.

Posted on By Noelle Chambers
Water, Flooding and the Future of San Jose
October 1, 2018

There are a few items on the ballot November 6 that could significantly impact the future of San Jose. Here's what you need to know.

Posted on By Jennifer Koepcke
Finding San Jose’s Lost Wetland
July 11, 2018

One of the largest freshwater wetlands was once on the outskirts of downtown San Jose. Hear the story and see what an old map can teach us about today's landscape.

Posted on By Noelle Chambers
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