Bay Area Wildlife: 6 Fascinating Species in Coyote Valley
January 30, 2024

Get to know some of the Bay Area wildlife - including mammals, amphibians and insects - who are our neighbors in nearby Coyote Valley.

Posted on By Taylor Jang
Where to Go Whale Watching in the Bay Area
January 29, 2024

It's that time of year again. Here are some of our favorite spots in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties to see whales from the coast.

Posted on By Lauren Korth
Birds Are Flocking to California Right Now. Here’s Why
October 19, 2021

Right now, thousands of birds are flocking to California's San Francisco Bay. Why here? And how do they know where they're going?

Posted on By Peter Cowan, PhD
El Sereno – Expanding a South Bay Preserve
June 22, 2021

182-acres above Los Gatos is now protected open space. Get the full story.

Posted on By Lindsay Peterson
Have You Ever Seen a Coyote Pup?
November 10, 2020

Watch these five adorable coyote puppies from the Southern Santa Cruz Mountains.

Posted on By Neal Sharma
Where Do Wildlife Go When Fires Strike?
October 6, 2020

California wildlife can handle fires better than you might think. Find the story here.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
The Superhero of Lizards?
May 8, 2020

Their name makes them sound completely dull: western fence lizard. But that’s just what they want you to think.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
Where Did California’s Wild Turkeys Come From?
November 4, 2019

Did you know that the Bay Area's wild turkeys aren’t native to California?

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
The Secret Life of Acorn Woodpeckers
September 12, 2019

Would you believe it if we told you that acorn woodpeckers get married, change their kid’s diapers, and can predict the weather?

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
Monarch Butterfly: How You Can Save the Monarch Butterfly
April 3, 2019

Western monarch butterflies are on the brink of extinction. Learn what you can do to save this iconic species.

Posted on By Peter Cowan, PhD

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