Watersheds are a great example of our connected world. On the Peninsula, there are 21 watersheds flowing west to the sea and 30 flowing east to the bay. These watersheds include a variety of habitats, many of which connect our urban spaces in the east side to the more rural hills in the west.

Watersheds are a perfect example of how we must work together across the landscape to fix environmental problems. The ecosystem is connected and watersheds are at the heart of this local connectivity.

If water is polluted upstream, so is the water downstream. If water is drained upstream, not enough water makes it downstream. When vegetation is cleared from the side of the river, the stream water temperature gets warmer.

Clean, abundant, cool water is vital to farming, fish, wildlife, and our health. There is perhaps no more relaxing sound than rushing water, and no more relaxing sight than water ample and flowing and filled with fish.

In our latest video (see below), I explain our local watersheds, why they’re important and some of the best places to get out and explore them for yourself. It’s only 90 seconds long, so I hope you will watch and please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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