Caring for Protected Lands

Protecting open space is only the beginning of our process to ensure that land will ecologically thrive and provide high-quality experiences for the public. Protected lands need to be cared for in perpetuity.

Working Together

Working with partners, POST’s stewardship team uses both traditional and innovative techniques to evaluate, prioritize and care for open space on each POST-protected property. We also work with landowners to ensure that the terms of conservation easements are met by monitoring the land annually.

How We Care for Open Space

Our work ranges from essential maintenance like re-grading roads, fixing fences and managing vegetation for fire control, to ambitious long-term restoration projects that create vibrant habitats for native plants and wildlife. Other examples include invasive weed eradication, developing new trails, reviving river, stream and creekside habitats, and managing productive working lands such as ranches, farms and forests.

Caring for Open Space in the Bay Area

Peninsula Open Space Working LandsFarms, forests and grazing lands provide jobs, produce locally-grown food and help restore and maintain habitat health. POST projects promote sustainable and productive uses for these lands while protecting and enhancing our natural resources. Recent projects include managed grazing, water infrastructure improvements and selective timber harvesting.

Peninsula Open Space Natural ResourcesNatural resources help provide clean air and water while promoting biodiversity. We work with public agencies and private owners to protect natural resources: the flora, fauna, water, air and soil that exist on all POST-protected properties. We use money raised through grants and donations to eradicate invasive plants, restore riparian habitats and native grasslands, prevent soil erosion, and ensure fish and wildlife can move freely.
Recreation Lands Bay AreaWell-managed open spaces may provide high-quality recreational activities like hiking, biking and horseback riding. This gives people a chance to build a healthy connection to the land while protecting natural resources. We work with public and private partners to plan and build trails while protecting sensitive environments.

Stewardship at Work

Old-growth redwood

Bringing Back the Giants

Almost all of the old-growth trees at POST-protected San Vicente Redwoods were clear-cut in the early 1900s – before we knew how devastating such a practice was. Overcrowded and stressed from competition for resources, much of the forest is struggling to recover. Read about our plan to heal this forest.

Butano Creek

Restoring the Butano Floodplain

In 2016, POST partnered with the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District on a restoration project along a one-mile stretch of Butano Creek to improve habitat and reconnect the creek with 100 acres of historical floodplain. Read about this incredible project.

Barrett Canyon - POST

Rewilding Barrett Canyon

When we protected 326 acres in Barrett Canyon, we also took responsibility for five uninhabitable structures, three dilapidated outbuildings, remnants of multiple illegal marijuana grows and house-sized junk piles. We needed to “rewild” Barrett Canyon, returning the land to a more natural state. Learn about the process.

Help us protect open space on the Peninsula and in the South Bay for the benefit of all.

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