Join Peninsula Open Space Trust and the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO) for a free screening of Chris Jordan’s stunning documentary, ALBATROSS. This documentary takes a deep dive into the threat of ocean plastic pollution and its effects on the Albatross of Midway Island.

Prior to the screening, guests will hear about POST’s work to protect habitat for birds and many other species from the SF Peninsula and the South Bay. A short presentation and Q&A with SFBBO will follow the screening. This is a great opportunity to learn about local efforts to conserve birds and their natural habitats. Through programs such as Avian Science, Habitat Restoration, and Environmental Education, SFBBO is able to “connect people to the birds in their neighborhoods and help instill in the public a desire to protect wild animals and wild spaces.”

Please note that this documentary contains graphic images with strong emotional content, and is not recommended for children under the age of 12. 


6:00 PM – Doors will open & check-in begins. Please give the POST Ambassador your name or show your ticket on your phone (no need to print).

6:05 PM – 6:10 PM – Short introduction by POST and SFBBO

6:15 PM – 7:55 PM – Screening of ALBATROSS

8:00 PM – 8:15 PM – Q&A with SFBBO

This event is part of POST’s community event series. These events are open to the general public and POST donors alike, and we hope you will join us! We also curate a separate series of private events for our donor community. Find out more about how you can support POST here:

About the Organizers

Peninsula Open Space Trust protects open space on the Peninsula and in the South Bay for the benefit of all. Since 1977, POST has protected over 76,000 acres in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties.

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory focuses on science and outreach to help better understand our local bird population and their habitats. Species like the Snowy Plover and the Burrowing Owl benefit from the several habitat programs that SFBBO implements.

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