🏕️ Gear up for the ultimate family campout! There’s nothing like trading screen time for green time and enjoying a night under the stars with your little loved ones. But bringing kids along adds both joys and challenges, and it’s important to show up prepared! Whether you’re a seasoned overnight adventurer or a first-time camper, this online event is your guiding compass to ensure that your kids are safe and happy campers.

This 60-minute online event is tailored for adults with children (and even your furry, four-legged friends), but all community members are welcome to attend! Lessons learned are applicable to camping trips for all ages – because who says the kids should have all the s’mores?

In collaboration with the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, we’re thrilled to invite you to an online event featuring Jo Ellis, Director of Education and the expert guide behind our last hit webinar, Tick Talk: Science and Safety. Join us for a wild ride – pun intended! 🌲🥾

🎒 What’s Packed in our Backpack:

  • Unpack the Fun: Prepare essential packing materials and hacks for a stress-free camping experience.
  • Navigating Nature: Discover the top destinations for family-friendly camping, and how to navigate the internet to make reservations.
  • Foolproof Fun: Learn foolproof steps to prep your family for a safe and unforgettable camping trip.
  • Wilderness Wonders: Dive into expert tips and tricks to keep the little ones entertained and engaged in the wilderness.

Strap on your adventure boots and get ready to pitch a tent of knowledge! Join POST and the Bay Area Lyme Foundation for a wildly adventurous session, where we’ll spill the beans (and marshmallows) on turning your family camping dreams into a bonfire of reality. Bring your burning questions to this virtual campfire and get expert answers in return! Secure your spot by registering today! 🔥🏕️

Check out the last online event we hosted with Jo called “Tick Talk: Science and Safety

About the Speaker

Originally from the UK, Jo grew up on the edge of the Peak District National Park and spent most of her childhood in and around nature and animals. Her entire career has focused on education, either in the classroom as a teacher or administrator, or working in organizations like the BBC and Stanford University where education is their business. Jo loves California’s wild landscapes and raised her three children hiking, camping, kayaking, and exploring at every opportunity. She organized and led many camping trips, both as a teacher and as a parent, so has lots of experience helping make sure everyone is safe, comfortable and happy camping in California. Retired from the classroom, Jo now works for Bay Area Lyme and helps get the word out about tick-borne illnesses through education, writing blogs and articles, and supporting the organization’s national biobank program. In her spare time, Jo loves hiking in local Bay Area parks or heading up north to Redding to fish or horseback ride with friends.

Meet the Co-Hosts

Bay Area Lyme Foundation is a national, 501c3 non-profit organization based in Silicon Valley and collaborates with world-class scientists and institutions to accelerate medical breakthroughs for Lyme disease. It is also dedicated to providing reliable, fact-based information so that prevention and the importance of early treatment are common knowledge. Learn more at bayarealyme.org

Peninsula Open Space Trust protects open spaces for the benefit of all. Since 1977, POST has protected over 86,000 acres in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.

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