A Modern Look at American Conservation History, From Exclusion to Inclusion

Join Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) in welcoming The Avarna Group for this educational webinar focused on the controversial history of environmental conservation in the United States and work to change the future.

About This Webinar

This session explores conservation history and how it fits into the larger context of American history of injustices. Exploring a timeline of events through the 19th and early 20th century, the session will reveal that despite their lofty goals, conservation legislation and early environmental movements were not benevolent and in fact harmed many communities, namely Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color across what is now the United States. The session will also highlight a few examples of how conservation organizations that are still predominantly White-led have been changing and can change the arc of this history, as well as engage in justice work in solidarity with those who have been most negatively impacted by these histories. This webinar will be presented by Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin, Ava Holliday, and Jose G. Gonzalez from The Avarna Group.

All registrants will receive an access link prior to the event.

About The Avarna Group




The Avarna Group is a consulting firm that creates pathways, provides resources, and creates strategies that support the outdoor and environmental sector in their evolution toward justice, equity, diversity, inclusion (collectively, JEDI). They envision a more resilient and connected world where all humans sustain healthy relationships with ourselves, one another, and our planet. Learn more about their approach and values here.


This event is part of POST’s community event series, which is open to the general public as well as POST donors. We hope you’ll join us! To learn more about our work visit openspacetrust.org

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