Join Peninsula Open Space Trust and Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) for a special bicycle tour in Coyote Valley! This ride will cover approximately 17 miles on mostly flat terran, and visit several important features that make up the Coyote Valley Conservation Area including Laguna Seca, Fisher Creek, Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve, Coyote Creek.

Protecting Coyote Valley and enhancing its wildlife linkage value offers a rare opportunity to connect over one million acres of core habitat in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Diablo Range and beyond. Participants will learn about how the valley offers many other benefits including supporting groundwater recharge and flood control, migratory bird habitat, agriculture and recreation.

We are excited to offer community members a unique way to experience Coyote Valley. Please read below for additional details and rules for the ride:

  • This will be a group bike ride moving at a relatively slow pace. The route is approximately 17 miles and almost all on paved roads with some short sections of hard packed dirt road and trail.
  • Cyclists will all be required to wear helmets, bike safely and adhere to the rules of the road.
  • E-bikes will be allowed.
  • All riders should be very familiar with their bicycles and how to steer and brake safely with other riders nearby.
  • Water and light snacks will be provided and a safety team on hand to ensure that all guests can participate safely.

About the Partners

Peninsula Open Space Trust protects open space on the Peninsula and in the South Bay for the benefit of all. Since 1977, POST has protected over 86,000 acres in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.

Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority works to conserve the natural environment, support agriculture, and connect people to nature, by protecting open spaces, natural areas, and working farms and ranches for future generations.

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