Peninsula Open Space Trust will host Richard Tejeda, Founder of Saved By Nature, for an overview of the native fish we have in our local watersheds on the SF Peninsula and in the South Bay, including local salmon and trout species. An avid angler, fish conservationist and environmental educator, Richard will share the characteristics and ecology of our most common native fish species. We’ll discuss where these fish live, where they used to live, and why many of their populations have sadly deteriorated due to historical and current-day environmental impacts.

But there are also signs of hope for many of these populations. Richard will share some stories of the restoration work that is underway by a variety of great local organizations so that these important parts of our local watershed ecosystems will continue to exist into the future. Richard may also share some of his favorite local fishing stories along the way!

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More About Local Streams

This event is part of POST’s community event series, which is open to the general public as well as POST donors. We hope you’ll join us! We also curate a separate series of private events for our donors. Learn how you can support POST here:

About our Partners

The mission of Saved By Nature is to expose, teach, and enlighten people of all backgrounds and abilities through environmental education and working collaboratively with partners to ensure mental, physical, and spiritual healing. They strive to welcome the community, organically, to the natural wonders and recreational opportunities of the outdoors.

Peninsula Open Space Trust protects and cares for open space, farms and parkland in and around Silicon Valley. Since 1977, POST has protected over 80,000 acres in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties.

The San Mateo Resource Conservation District uses very diverse means to protect, conserve, and restore natural resources. Serving as a focal point for local conservation efforts, the RCD collaborates with private and public land owners, land managers,public agencies, interest groups, and others.

The Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project was founded to address the problems of declining anadromous fish populations of the Monterey Bay area. The Project is made up of concerned individuals, landowners, businesses, angling clubs and community groups from the greater Monterey Bay area and extending into San Mateo, San Benito and Santa Clara County. While our agency is based in Santa Cruz County, our support and membership range throughout the South San Francisco Bay area and Central California.

The Friends of Stevens Creek Trail promotes community pride and involvement in the completion, enhancement and enjoyment of the Stevens Creek and Permanente Creek trails and wildlife corridors. This grassroots community action group works to raise community awareness and support for the completion of a trail in the Stevens Creek Corridor.

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