Nature can be messy. It doesn’t follow our prescribed boundaries; it doesn’t stay within the preserves we create. It’s fluid and ever-changing. To understand what makes up a healthy landscape, we have to look at the big picture and see how the land is connected as a whole.

This is why much of POST’s work today is focused on building and supporting landscape linkages – broad areas of land that support the movement of plants and animals.

We developed this interactive graphic to share with you the ingredients needed for a healthy landscape linkage. Dive in and click on all the (+) signs to explore the features and connections of a healthy landscape:

Landscape Linkage Health - POST

Kara Bennett - POSTAnd speaking of healthy, POST is happy to announce our team is growing:  We’re thrilled to introduce you to Kara Bennett, our new digital marketing manager! Kara will be sharing these newsletters with you in the future. Be sure to add her email ([email protected]) to your safe-senders list, so you don’t miss any news from POST!

Don’t worry — I’m not going anywhere. I’ll continue to produce the stories and content you’ve come to expect from POST. In fact, with Kara’s help, we’ll be able to bring you even more great stories about our work.

So stay tuned. We have a ton of great stuff in store for you in 2018.

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Photos: Diablo Range Foothills, William K. Mattias 2011; Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo, Teddy Miller 2016; Wilson Warbler, Judy Kramer 2016; Tunitas Creek Beach, Greg Cope 2007; Photo courtesy of Gina McCarthy

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