Wildlife has to move to survive. For them to find food, mates and safe places to raise their young they need to be able to easily move through our open spaces. They need the room to roam. And, we want to help them. The vibrancy and health of our region is directly tied to theirs.

To do this, we needed to better understand how these animals currently move. So, we got to work in Coyote Valley – one of the most important wildlife linkages in the Bay Area.

Bobcats were the best species on which to focus our attention as they wander a few miles each night on the hunt for food. We’re currently tracking eight cats as they move throughout the valley floor. Take a minute to hear the stories of five of these conservation heroes:

Coyote Valley Bobcat Profile - POST

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to meet the rest of the bobcats of Coyote Valley.

These cats are helping us to identify road crossing hotspots, habitat preferences, travel routes and much more – all information we need to better protect this important landscape. We will use this data to help protect and enhance the permeability of our local lands. This is just a first step in the evolution of our work to protect the places that our local wildlife relies on to survive.

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Photos: Bobcat in Coyote Valley, Teddy Miller 2017; Bobcats of Coyote Valley profiles, POST 2017; The Story of the Methuselah Tree, POST 2017; Blue House Farm, Teddy Miller 2016; Aerial over San Vicente Redwoods, William Matthias 2015; The Djerassi Art Resident Artists Program, Bruse Basely 1982.
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