From the water we drink to the food we eat, we are connected to nature in so many ways. For many of us, we feel this connection most deeply when we’re out exploring our local parks and preserves – when our boots are dirty and we’ve gone the distance.

To capture the many ways you connect with the land and to each other, we recently documented a day in the life of one of our most iconic projects, Windy Hill. It’s one of our local open spaces that serve as common ground for many of us in the Bay Area.

Today, we want to share a video with you of the special moments we experienced while on the trail – moments between parents and children, new friends and old, as well as with our four-legged friends.

So, join us for a typical day on Windy Hill.
Windy Hill - A Day in the Life
How do you connect with our open spaces? We’d love to hear, see and share your stories. Feel free to share them with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #ForeverOurBackyard. You can also explore the many ways others are enjoying our open spaces by visiting

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Photos: Sunrise from the top of POST-protected Windy Hill, Teddy Miller 2016;  Video screenshot from “A Day in the Life of Windy Hill”, POST 2017; 40 for 40 Bike Ride, POST 2016; Stop motion screenshot from “Essentials for a POST Lands Adventure”, POST 2017; Old-growth at Purisima Creek OSP, Blair Friedeman 2017; Bobcat in grasslands, Teddy Miller 2017


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