Working in Partnership

Massive oak tree at Coyote Lake

POST has a long and productive history of working with charitable foundations and government agencies to protect and care for open spaces—collaborations that provide the funding and stewardship critical to the success of our mission.

We accomplish much more through public- and private-sector partnerships than any of us can achieve alone. Contributions and grants from foundations, businesses and public agencies fuel the achievement of our mutual objectives and give us the ability to act quickly when critical properties become available.

Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of nature, and providing equitable access is a priority for us. As such, we partner with local organizations to provide opportunities for communities with less access to nature.  POST is also working to build strong partnerships with local tribal groups as a way to honor the Indigenous history of California and to support Native American life and culture.

Public Agency Partners

Strategic collaborations with public agencies help POST pursue our land protection goals and ensure that what we save is taken care of into the future. POST partners with local, state and national agencies to acquire land and transitions protected properties to them for long-term ownership and management. Public agencies manage the land for natural resource conservation, working land productivity and to provide the recreational opportunities we all enjoy.


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“Our decades-long partnership with POST has produced a growing greenbelt of preserved open space bringing unparalleled beauty and quality of life to our region. These natural lands provide sanctuary for native plants and wildlife, clean air and drinking water for our communities and places of respite for all to connect with nature.”

—Ana María Ruiz, General Manager of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Private Foundation Partners

The high cost of acquiring and stewarding land in our region means an organization like POST needs diverse and creative sources of funding. We work closely with environmentally focused foundations to achieve our ambitious goals of land conservation, restoration and equitable access. Private foundation partners provide critical funding that helps leverage other POST donor and public funding dollars.

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