96 Acres of Farmland Protected Along Highway 1 in Pescadero

Highly Visible Farm Permanently Protected

Thursday, July 14

(Palo Alto, Calif.)—Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) announced the purchase of a 96-acre farm along Highway 1 on the San Mateo Coast, just south of Pescadero.

POST purchased the property for just over $3.3 million from the Cordes family. The acquisition is a part of POST’s Farmland Futures Initiative (FFI), which aims to triple the number of farms and farmland acres permanently protected on the San Mateo Coast for open space and agricultural production.

“POST has done so much towards preservation of coastal farmlands and open space over the years, and we are truly honored and relieved that they are the final buyer of this property, with the end use of permanent un-developed open space for the public to enjoy forever,” said property seller, Rick Cordes.

Situated on Highway 1, directly across from the popular Bean Hollow State Beach, the property is highly visible and lies within a State designated scenic corridor. POST’s purchase of the property will ensure that the view shed afforded by the property remains unhindered.

Brussels Sprouts
(c) Teddy Miller

“Coastal farmland is a scarce commodity, and in San Mateo County the farming soils are very nutrient rich, and the climate is similar to Mediterranean, allowing year-round farming,” said Cordes. “With a growing Bay Area population and increasing transportation costs, local farm land has become an essential component of our Bay Area economy and ecosystem.”

The majority of the property is designated as prime soil, the best possible soil for growing crops. As such, POST plans to keep the land in production by continuing the lease with the existing tenant, the Marchi family. This long time local farming family currently grows Brussels sprouts, leeks, fennel and other coastal crops on more than 60 acres of the farm. Longer term, POST plans to sell the property to a private farm operation subject to an agricultural easement.

Coastal recreation opportunities could potentially be expanded through this purchase. Building a trail on the perimeter of this newly acquired farm, along Highway 1, could fill a gap in the California Coastal trail. The California Coastal Trail already runs through a portion of another POST protected farm, Cowell Ranch in Half Moon Bay.

“It was wonderful to work with a family that truly cares about the health of the land and understands the incredible benefits their farm provides the community. We are thrilled to have completed the conservation of this property with the Cordes to permanently lock in these benefits for the well being of the area,“ said POST President Walter T. Moore.

The acquisition of this 96-acre property brings the total number of farms protected through FFI to four, and brings POST closer to its goal of protecting 22 farms by 2026.

About the Farmland Futures Initiative

In San Mateo County alone, over 35% of the farmland has been lost in the last 30 years. POST’s Farmland Futures Initiative seeks to stem this alarming trend through a combination of land acquisition and agricultural conservation easements to triple the number of farms and farmland acres permanently protected for agriculture on the San Mateo Coast over the next decade. Meeting these goals will increase the number of farms protected on the San Mateo County coast from 11 to 33 and grow the total acreage of protected productive farmland from 750 to 2,250 acres. Visit farmlandfutures.org for more information.

About the Peninsula Open Space Trust

POST is a leading private, nonprofit land trust that protects and cares for open space, farms and parkland in and around Silicon Valley. Since its founding in 1977, POST has been responsible for saving more than 75,000 acres as permanent open space and parkland in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. Visit openspacetrust.org for more information.


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