Tick Bite Prevention – How To Not Be Eaten Alive by Ticks
February 23, 2022

With these easy steps, you can protect yourself against tick bites while visiting our open spaces. Read more!

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What is the 30×30 Initiative?
February 1, 2022

Learn about a bold commitment to protect 30% of all land and water by 2030.

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Newts of Lexington Reservoir Dying By the Thousands
January 19, 2022

If we don't act, these newts within the Los Gatos Creek watershed may go locally extinct.

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What to Wear for a Winter Hike
December 15, 2021

Some tips on what to wear and how to stay warm hiking this winter. Dig in!

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The Year’s Most Popular Hikes, Stories and More
December 6, 2021

See what you might have missed from 2021.

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13 Books That Will Make You Rethink California’s Indigenous History
November 1, 2021

Learn California's history through Indigenous perspectives.

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Summer Fun: 9 Outdoor Excursions
July 31, 2021

The warm weather has arrived and it's the season to be outside. Here are a few of our favorite excursions for spring and summer fun.

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Short Hikes for Hot Days
July 26, 2021

Five short hiking trails that are especially great for those blisteringly hot summer days.

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Can You Say It in Mutsun? Learn 7 Tree Names in This Indigenous Language
June 1, 2021

Knowing a tree's name always changes your perspective, especially their Indigenous names.

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Condors Are Returning to the Santa Cruz Mountains
May 3, 2021

It's ok to freak out — it's incredibly exciting.

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