From the Ashes, a New Forest Rises
February 26, 2021

Last summer's fire gave us an opportunity...and we're taking it.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
The Romantic Lives of Banana Slugs
February 3, 2021

You'll never look at these slow, juicy creatures the same way again.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
Cascade Creek — A Big Piece of the Puzzle Protected
December 9, 2020

This 564-acre redwood property is now protected forever. Get the full story.

Posted on By Desert Waters
A Look at San Vicente Redwoods After the Fire
November 9, 2020

Fire is not all bad, here's what this forest looks like now.

Posted on By Peter Cowan, PhD
Fighting Fire with Fire at San Vicente Redwoods
April 2, 2020

With support of CAL FIRE, we ignited a prescribed fire on a 25-acre portion of San Vicente Redwoods. Here's why.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
A Tribal Band Reconnects with Ancestral Lands
March 3, 2020

A local tribe reclaims its connection to the land through stewardship.

Posted on By Matt Dolkas
Bear Creek Redwoods: The South Bay’s New Redwood Park
June 8, 2019

Just three miles south of Los Gatos lies Bear Creek Redwoods. Find hiking information and learn about the preserve's story here.

Posted on By Desert Waters
Why We Need Logging in the Santa Cruz Mountains
April 30, 2019

Learn more about our conservation strategy for protecting the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the role logging needs to play.

Posted on By Desert Waters
A Kid-Friendly Redwood Hike
April 15, 2019

Looking for an easy hike in the redwoods for you and the kids? This short hike at Butano State Park is just what you're looking for.

Posted on By Megan Derhammer
A New Era for Redwood Forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains
March 26, 2019

We recently acquired 937 acres of redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This land is now protected forever. Learn more here.

Posted on By Walter Moore

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