Many of us have heard stories of people who got lost or injured in the wild and were able to survive for days. Have you ever wondered how they did it, and what you would do if you found yourself in a similar situation?

Our local open spaces are designed to be safe for everyone, from the casual walker to the experienced hiker. So it’s usually easy to avoid these situations completely by staying on trail, planning ahead, and taking on only as much exploring as you can handle. However, things can sometimes go wrong, especially for those who like to head deep into natural lands and wilderness areas. Each year, out of the hundreds of thousands of guests who safely visit natural parks and open spaces, a few people find themselves alone, lost, injured or a combination of the above and unable to immediately contact help.

Creating a debris shelter can help keep you insulated and safe from elements in an emergency situation.
We will welcome Bay Area wilderness survival expert Jack Harrison for a webinar that will help prepare you for these worst case scenario, or just help you learn about how other people would navigate one. We’ll discuss how to stay calm in an emergency situation, protect yourself from heat and cold, manage food and hydration and some strategies to get help or find your way back, or at least not get more lost. Oh, and we’ll also provide some basic tips for how to stay out of an emergency situation in the first place!
While it can sound scary, exploring these hypothetical situations can be fun, and developing wilderness survival skills is another way to deepen your connection to and increase your confidence while outdoors. We look forward to hosting you for this exciting conversation. 

About the Speaker

Jack Harrison is an outdoor educator, survival expert and ancestral life ways instructor based in Santa Cruz. Jack works with to train members of the public, as well as a variety of emergency response professionals, in how to respond to a variety of wilderness and outdoor related emergency scenarios. Jack’s lifelong passion is connecting people to the outdoors, as well as teaching and studying wildlife tracking, bushcraft, and other ancestral life skills through his own private lessons as well as through his role as Head Survival Instructor and Program Director at Adventure Out

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